Pad Thai

Stir fried rice noodles with tamarind sauce and a choice of meat, bean cured , bean sprouts, egg topped with ground peanuts and scallions { chicken...12.95 beef ...14.95 shrimp...14.95 }


Pad See Ew

Stir fried jumbo noodle with a choice of meat, egg broccoli, carrots in a light brown sauce

{ chicken...12.95, beef...14.95 shrimp...14.95 }


 Pad Kee Mao ** ( Drunken Noodle )

Stir fried jumbo noodle with a choice of meat,onion,bell pepper,green bean fresh basil and spicy seasoning

{ chicken...12.95 beef ...14.95 shrimp...14.95 }


Pineapple Fried Rice

A choice of meat stir fried rice with egg ,onion ,broccoli ,green bean , carrots and pineapple { chicken...12.95 beef ...14.95 shrimp...14.95}



Dancing Shrimp ** 

Fresh Jumbo shrimp sautéed with basil,mushroom,green bean,bell pepper and boldly loaded with hot chili pepper,peppercorns and exotic herbs....$ 16.95


Evil Jungle Princess ** 

Boldly spiced  choice of meat sautéed with vegetable medley flavored with exotic spices and herbs { chicken...12.95 beef ...14.95 shrimp...14.95}



Pad Eggplant *

Sweet Thai eggplants sautéed until golden brown and braised with bell peppers, onion ,fresh basil and aromatic herbs

{ chicken....$12.95  beef ...14.95 shrimp...14.95 }


Thai Basil *

A choice of meat sautéed with onion , bell pepper ,green bean , zucchini,broccoli and fresh basil {chicken...12.95 ,beef ...14.95 shrimp...14.95}


 Two in Love

Chicken and shrimp stir fried with a medley of vegetables and traditional seasoning...15.95


Talay Thong *

Sauteed seafood medley of squid,shrimp,scallop,green shell mussels,with basil onion green bean red pepper in a delicious and spicy sauce....$ 19.95


Chu Chee Duck **

Crispy roasted semi-boneless duck,served in a special red curry sauce,flavored with pineapple.....$ 22.95


Tuti Fruity Duck

Crispy roasted semi-boneless duck,served in a raspberry sauce and flavored with little touch of spices and Chambord Liquer

......$ 22.95


 Tamarind Fish *

 Fried Fresh filet Tilapia with mild a tamarind fruit sauce

......$ 18.95


Panang Salmon **

Salmon filet topped with panang curry sauce and bell pepper , sweet basil....$ 19.95





Mee Thai 

Stir Fried thin noodles with a choice of meat, mixed vegetables, egg and bean sprouts { chicken....12.95  beef......14.95  shrimp.....14.95 }


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